Portal Finger Simulator

Portal Finger Simulator

Portal Finger Simulator

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Portal finger

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PORTAL (Teens React: Gaming)

Portal finger - simulator of the teleporter. In theory, objects, passing teleportation, are split into atoms. Imagine that the screen as a transparent portal brings your finger in a different space. Click bolder, the blood will not be!

Friend trains fingers on the treadmill? Say that the gadget can split into atoms everything that touches him! Click on the screen, show to friend image of appeared finger on the phone and tell that violated the laws of physics and gravity!
Applications of a broken and a transparent screen outdated! Crazy surreal simulator without blood for the draw!
Do you like science fiction films? Digital technology is not standing still, and perhaps very soon the scientists will invent a real portal!

NOTE: Portal for finger - a simulator. Screen gadget can not teleport your finger or any other object. The application does not contain the bloody scenes of violence and is suitable for practical jokes, even small children.

Portal finger simulator is optimized and the number of ads is reduced, as you asked :)